Ted Lowe—Workshop Assistant

I first became aware of ‘Tools’ whilst working at a care home for Scope, where my job involved helping people with physical disabilities. Two of the residents from Hampton House attended ‘Tools’ twice a week, and were always talking about how much they enjoyed it, so when I was asked to escort them to  ‘Tools’ I was happy to do so. I could see for myself the attraction for the two residents and all the volunteers that attended ‘Tools’. The good work that ‘Tools’ does with giving disadvantaged people work experience in a safe and friendly environment really impressed me. The care home where I worked made me redundant as it closed and the residents could no longer attend ‘Tools’ as they were relocated in different areas. In October 2015 I was interviewed for a Workshop Assistant position for ‘Tools’ and I was happy to accept it as it combines the things I enjoy doing most. I feel lucky to be involved in the great work that ‘Tools’ is doing in the community.

David Arnold—Workshop Supervisor

I have been coming to Tools since 2009. I started off as a Volunteer and become involved with the fundraising for Tools in 2012 when I was offered the job as a Supervisor.

I feel I have a good rapport with the volunteers and always thinking of different ways to improve the workshop facilities for them.