What we do 

Working in conjunction with an associated group, Tools for Self Reliance in Southampton, the majority of finished tools are made up into kits for specific trades. TFSR (Southampton) employs people in Africa to identify groups of people who need kits of tools and provide them with sufficient training to help them to run a viable business. Thus when a set of tools is requested from Southampton we know where and to whom they are going. There are some 21 different kits catering for the various trades and size of groups. Southampton also accepts the costs of transporting the tools which they request.

‘Tools’ also makes up toolkits for Northampton Rotarians and other local charities who work directly with Africa. Other tools are donated to other Northamptonshire Community projects that restore community open spaces.

Tools which are surplus, or not suitable for any of the above projects are refurbished and sold at events such as the Hollowell Steam Rally, Rushden Cavalcade etc. to help raise our much-needed funds.

We have produced over 800 complete kits since we first started. We re-cycle where we can, not only do we restore rusty and broken tools to their former glory but we also re-use broken pallets to make the crates for each kit that is transported.